Monday, March 9, 2009

Divine Images at Etsy

Divine Images is a store at Etsy operated by a brilliant artist working in the realm of digitally-altered images. I am so naive about this kind of work that I needed to run my description by her, before posting this today. She takes various images - her own art, old photographs, illustrations, and scans them into her computer's photographic program and manipulates them into these stunning prints. If this description is in any way not true of her process, I apologize, but it's complex work, and I am somewhat in awe of it. You can get more technical detail at her store. The resulting pieces are a mix of fantasy, romance, mystery, and pure classicism and the colors are amazing.

This work can be found at Divine Images at Etsy. The store name is an understatement.

This is the first time I've featured digitally-altered art. It impresses me because it obviously involves other mental processes than we conventional painters use. I find the work fascinating, and believe you will, too. Some of her pieces are mounted in a layered, almost three-dimensional form, which I am too inept to describe properly, but which you'll see at her store. I'm sure the artist will be happy to answer your questions, or to discuss any commission work you have in mind.

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