Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ishy Creations at Etsy

Ishy is an offbeat artist at Etsy who produces all kinds of things for her eclectic store - from modern colorful abstract paintings, to bags, clothing, earrings, and polymer clay creations.

I'm not going to attempt to interpret her unusual paintings, but Ishy tells me that is meant to be blood coming from under one of the red doors below. Hmm, perhaps a good illustration for the cover of a thriller?

Along with her paintings, I've featured some of her earrings today, because they're cool and unique. You'll recognize that most of them are made from guitar picks. Now, they're conversation pieces!

Mmm, peanut butter and jelly - my favorite!

With an artist like Ishy, you can't help but wonder what she might come up with next...

Check out all her offerings at Ishy Creations at Etsy.

1 comment: said...

GREAT artist! Very creative - I really enjoyed looking at her items - LOVE the peanutbutter and jelly earrings!!!